Blackwell For RNC Chair - A Conservative Resurgence Plan

It is time for a change in ownership at the RNC. I am advocating a Shareholders' Revolt.

This plan is how I intend to bring about fundamental change as Chairman and return power back to its rightful owners, the RNC members.

To succeed as a party, we must completely change the way the RNC does business. RNC members need to have a say in the operation and direction of the party they are elected to oversee.

As Chairman, I will flatten the RNC and push much of the decision-making out into the states and I will view the RNC members as Shareholders that have a stake in our success.

This will enable us to tailor the strategy applied in each state to the needs of that state. If I find an idea that works well in one state, I will share it around the country, but I will not force it on you. You know your states better than the Washington insiders do, so you should run your states.

Since I entered the race, I have earned the support of a diverse group of members from across the country that are ready to take our party back.

If you are ready to demand your ownership rights as a member of the RNC, I ask you to please support my Conservative Resurgence Plan and vote for Ken Blackwell for RNC Chairman.


Ken Blackwell

P.S. Please click here to read my plan.