CEI Weekly: Congress' Big Raise

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Economy Worsens, Congress Gives Itself a Raise

by Cord Blomquist

"If the escalating foolishness in Washington didn’t already make you furious, this week’s Congressional pay raise should get you to the boiling point."


Soundbites vs. The World

by Ryan Young

"You’ll hear all about the Dow’s latest ups and downs — up 62 points today, by the way. But here’s something you’ll probably never hear on CNBC or Fox News: the Dow has never had a 15-year period where it lost money. Ever. Including the Great Depression. Your IRA is safe. If you really want to learn about our world or its economy, listen to the data. They are far more eloquent than any talking head."


Krugman is No Liberal

by Iain Murray

"Further to Cord’s post below, a real liberal, not a statist claiming to be one, would be familiar with John Stuart Mill’s argument that minorities need small government to protect them from the 'tyranny of the majority.'"


Card Check Loses Support, but Threat Isn’t Over

by Ivan Osorio

"Today in The Wall Street Journal, Kimberley Strassel dissects the shifting political prospects for the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), commonly known as the “card check” bill. (”Card check” is a unionization procedure whereby union organizers circumvent the secret ballot process by getting workers to sign union cards in the open, exposing them to aggressive, hard-sell intimidation tactics.)"



More Money For Your Mattress

by Cord Blomquist

"Leggett & Platt, an American innerspring manufacturer, has been busy lobbying the Department of Commerce. The fruit of their labor: a tariff of anywhere from 164.75% to 234.51% on innersprings from China, their biggest competition."




LibertyWeek Episode 24: Pro-Freedom Pop Culture

After observing a couple of timely anniversaries, we move on to Scandal Watch, where we raise some questions about the electoral race between current U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) and onetime SNL funnyman Al Franken. Next it’s off to the high seas where we tangle with Somali pirates and are rescued by the French Navy (who knew they still had it in them?) before confronting Vice President-Elect Joe Biden’s war on the economy. We wind up the headlines with the tale of alleged New York City skank Liskula Cohen, and her effort to get the courts to force Google to rescue her from her online tormentors.

Finally, it’s time for Pop Culture with Ryan Lynch, in which the panel examines our favorite books, movies (and graphic novels) that have thoughtful, pro-freedom messages. Below is a list of the works we discussed. As a extra special website bonus, we’ll even have links to the ones we didn’t have time to get to on the show!