CHQ - Poll: Conservatives Disagree with Boehner on Obama Socialism

(Manassas, Virginia)  An online poll conducted by the Web site found that a near-unanimous 95 percent of respondents disagreed with House Republican Leader John Boehner's recent statement that he did not consider President Obama to be a socialist.

When interviewed on NBC's Meet the Press on September 20, Boehner told moderator David Gregory that he did not consider Obama to be a socialist.  When pressed by Gregory, Boehner emphatically replied, "Well, listen, I didn't call him that and I'm not going to call him that."

Only 4 percent agreed with Boehner, with 1 percent undecided.

The poll then asked to evaluate Obama's political philosophy.  Of the 975 respondents, the results were:

Traditional Liberal


Commenting on the results, Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, issued the following statement:

"What was dismaying was how easily and totally Boehner caved in to David Gregory's hectoring on political correctness.

"When conservatives flat-out disagree with Republican leadership by a 19-to-1 margin on an issue of this importance, you know the party is in trouble.  This is supported by a recent Gallup Poll that found that only 39% of Republicans give an approval rating to the GOP members in Congress of their own party.

"So, if the Republican Party wants to restore its image among the American people, it needs to select a leader who knows how to stand up to David Gregory."