Says Legislature Should Let the People Vote

Concord, NH - Today, Representative Dan Itse (R-Fremont), introduced a constitutional amendment, that if approved by the legislature and the Governor, would allow the voters of New Hampshire to have their say in the gay 'marriage' debate.  The amendment, if approved, would be on the November ballot in 2010.  Commenting on the proposed amendment, Cornerstone's Kevin Smith, stated the following:

"Thirty states have felt it important enough to put this question to the people and in all thirty states, the people have said they do not want gay marriage.  This November, the people of Maine will have their opportunity to vote on the issue as well.  It is high time the New Hampshire legislature let the will of the people decide policy on this matter by giving them the opportunity to vote on gay marriage.  A vote for this constitutional amendment is a vote for democracy."

The wording of the constitutional amendment simply states: "The State shall only recognize the union of one man and one woman as marriage."