Bill presents a good start for accelerating solar energy so that U.S. can do more sooner to cut pollution and address climate challenges.

WASHINGTON, DC – Solar Energy Industries Association President and CEO Rhone Resch today released the following statement on the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee’s draft language for a cap-and-trade program.

“We commend Chairwoman Boxer and other members of the committee for their leadership in putting forth a strong climate bill that will move America’s clean energy economy forward. This legislation includes provisions that will help accelerate development of solar energy and create jobs while reducing pollution that causes climate change.

“For the long-term success of climate and energy policy in this country, there must be a price on carbon. And we must recognize that for the next 10 to 15 years our only options for carbon-free energy are off-the-shelf renewables such as solar. In the coming weeks, we look forward to working with the EPW committee and other Senate committees to help complete this bill and craft a comprehensive climate policy for our nation that builds our economy by growing our renewables industries.”

Areas that need attention as the draft is completed:

      10 percent of the allowances must go to the states for renewable energy and energy efficiency (as in the House version) and there needs to be deployment funds for both distributed generation and for utility-scale renewables projects;

       The cap-and-trade system must be constructed to recognize and protect the contribution of clean energy from the voluntary renewables market; and

       Support states that are heavily dependent on agriculture in order to assist in the adoption and implementation of renewable energy technology.