NetRight Daily: RNC vs. The GOP

RNC vs. The GOP:  In this video, Michael Steele praises ACORN's CEO for working in the community.  Interestingly, we couldn't find any Republicans that agreed with Steele.

Schwarzenegger Reverses on Term Limits:Governor Schwarzenegger is known for his reversals on important policies. One of his most fatal reversals was on Term Limits. Let's look at what he said on Septemeber 5, 2003 ...

Progressivism:  How Many Steps Forward This Time?:  When English philosopher John Locke, who greatly influenced America's Founding Fathers, claimed that mixing our labor with what was formerly common property gave us the right to now call that property our own, he both reaffirmed the Protestant work ethic and provided a philosophical defense of private property rights.

No One Should Be Fooled by the CBO:  Earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office released its cost-estimate of the Baucus-led bill on the Senate side. Simply put: it is fatally flawed. And, those flaws must be exposed.

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