Shea-Porter Secures More Than $26 Million in Projects for NH in National Defense Authorization Act

WASHINGTON, DC – Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter today announced that more than $26 million in funding for local New Hampshire projects which she requested was authorized in the Fiscal Year 2010 National Defense Authorization Act.  

“I am pleased that this important funding was included in the National Defense Authorization Act,” said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. “I supported these projects because they will boost our local economy and help keep our country safe.”    

Shea-Porter successfully secured funding for the following projects in the Fiscal Year 2010 National Defense Authorization Act:

$10 million for Replacing Squadron Operations Facilities for the Air National Guard

This funding will enable the 157 Operations Group to consolidate its components into a single building thus improving its command communications and overall efficiency of operations. The fact that not all Operations Group components are co-located in a single facility impacts the efficiency of command communications and operational coordination.

$7.09 million for Gate 2 Security Improvements at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

This funding will help implement anti-terrorism/force protection measures at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNS).  These measures include constructing a new hardened guard house, active barriers, a permanent privately owned vehicle (POV) inspection shelter, an intrusion detection system, and other security upgrades at Gate 2. The gate/guard stations are the Shipyard’s first line of defense against terrorist attacks. 

$5 million for PolarTec in Hudson for the Multi-Climate Protection System

This funding will allow for the procurement of MCPS modular clothing system for Navy aircrews.  This clothing system provides total performance and protection to Navy aircrews by layering thermal protection and shell garments.  As Naval Air Systems Command required, MCPS offers modular protective clothing system with flame protection, thermal protection, wind and water resistance capabilities, and sufficient, non-bulky insulation.  

$2.25 million for the NHNG for the Joint Command Vehicle

This funding will allow the New Hampshire National Guard to acquire a Joint Command Vehicle with Interoperable Communications Suite. The National Guard lacks the IAA equipment to provide real-time situation awareness. The various natural disasters of the past several years—repeated severe floods, ice storms, and even a tornado—have highlighted the need for this capability.

$2 million for Albany Engineered Composites for the Robust Composite Structural Core for Army Helicopters

This funding will allow for the purchase of a robust structural core material to replace honeycomb parts on Army helicopters. The fragile nature of honeycomb parts is a major problem for DoD and commercial aircraft manufacturers/operators, resulting in extremely high maintenance costs and lost aircraft due to material failure.  The Navy has banned honeycomb on their aircraft, though the uniquely light weight and low production cost of honeycomb parts have left the Navy no other practical choice but to continue to use honeycomb in some applications because no other viable replacement exists.