CHQ - Divorcing the GOP Establishment

Divorcing the GOP Establishment
POLITICO--Former Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer defends his new book, Speech-Less, from attacks on it from his former Bush teammates, Ed Gillespie, Dana Perino, and William McGurn. He also castigates conservative magazines that serve as cheerleaders for their "buddies in the Republican power structure."

And he blisters John Boehner for raising money for a New York GOP candidate who is more liberal than the Democratic candidate. Latimer says it's time for conservatives to seek a divorce from the Republican establishment.

Daily Lickskillet: Elf Embellisho Festoon seeks to make "Exceptionland" just like a country called "Hope" in which "betters rule over lessers" and everything he doesn't like is outlawed.

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Conservative talk shows fill the GOP leadership vacuum
American Thinker--Kenneth Sptiz in DuPage County, Illinois writes that the Republican Party is failing because GOP leaders are not connecting with the town hall dissenters and Tea Party protestors.  By default, talk show hosts who "broadcast conservative principles in their own unfiltered style" have become the leaders.

To Rebut Al Gore, Conservative Filmmakers go Grassroots
Washington Times --Unable to get Hollywood backing for their documentary, "Not Evil, Just Wrong," an answer to the global warming fable, a husband-and-wife team are bypassing traditional distribution avenues and bringing their film directly to motivated audiences through grass-roots screenings in living rooms, campus auditoriums, and rented theaters across the country.

VIDEO:  The Upcoming Supreme Court Case That Could Reshape Gun Rights
Center for Individual Freedom--Whether the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right could be determined once and for all in the case McDonald v. City of Chicago.

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