CHQ - Criminalization Of Conservative Dissent

Michelle Malkin: Criminalization Of Conservative Dissent
Daily News-Record  - Conservatives have much to fear about the 2010 Census.  The Census Bureau failed to screen out hundreds of census workers with violent criminal histories, and the Far Left is attempting to create more House seats for liberal Democrats by pushing to count millions of illegal immigrants!

Big Government and Big Media liberals are demonizing conservatives for raising the alarm on many of these serious issues, and are trying to link conservative dissent with violence. This is a part of a much bigger scheme to finally silence the Right by "criminalizing" dissent.  [find this article at News From The Front] 

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Pro-Obamacare Republicans in the pay of the health industry
Washington Examiner - "Obama failed to mention that these pro-'reform' Republicans -- whom he lauded for "ris above the politics of the moment" -- are all in the pay of the health care industry and could personally profit from 'reform.'"

Mark Skousen:  Rove Unrepentant on Bushonomics
Human Events --In a debate with former Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean, Karl Rove exhibited confidence and pride in the Bush polices, attempting to vindicate every big-government policy.  "It was clear we were getting a preview of Rove's upcoming memoirs, a unrepentant rationalization of the Bush blunders."

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