Daily Grind: New Healthcare Tax Breaks Obama Promise

The $4,000 Family Healthcare Tax Breaks Obama Promise
Once, Barack Obama promised to lower health costs by $2,500 "for the typical family." That was then.

The Clews-Todd Report Episode 10
Carter Clews and Don Todd discuss Valerie Jarrett, the close advisor to Barack Obama and his wife.

The Barstool Economist: Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism
While the debates rage on about role of government in the average American's life, economic societal terms like "capitalism," "socialism," and "communism" often get careless bandied.

Too Hot Not To Note: Obama Choice for Labor Post Advances but Then Meets a G.O.P. Roadblock
Americans for Limited Government, Activists, and Media can stand proud, as it was us who prevented another Obama appointee with a "colorful" past.