CHQ - ACORN, Payola and Color of Law

Mark Fitzgibbons: ACORN, Payola and Color of Law - Former Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch was endorsed in three statewide races by ACORN PAC. Did he cheat Minnesota taxpayers out of $750,000 in lawsuit settlement proceeds so he could divert a quarter million dollars to ACORN? Did his prot\351g\351, another ACORN-endorsed attorney general, Lori Swanson, look the other way when the law was either broken or evaded by her mentor?

CHQ contributor Mark Fitzgibbons writing at American Thinker gives us an example of how state officials, under "color of law," have engaged in what appears to be political quid pro quo. This unsavory example of how ACORN and politicians used lawsuits and questionable if not corrupt legal tactics to help each other is probably more common than the mainstream media would lead us to believe.   [find this article and comment here]

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