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Will Health Care Reform Actually Bring Down Health Care Costs?

You have probably heard terms like “bending the cost curve” in the health care reform debate. But, would the work being done by Congress actually do anything to bring health care costs under control?

The answer is, probably not.

The proposals in Congress to put more health care coverage under government control is unlikely to change the growth in health care costs. In fact, the United States currently ranks better than the average of industrialized nations when it comes to our rate of growth in health care costs – better than Canada and the United Kingdom on controlling costs. Not only will there likely be no impact on the overall growth in health care costs by inserting more government control into health care, but your out of pocket costs are likely to actually go up according to a new report.

With the Senate Finance Committee’s vote on Tuesday, the final Congressional committee has completed its work on health care reform. Now, it is up to Congressional leaders to determine when the full House and Senate will consider the bills.

Yet, we still do not even know what health care bill Congress will vote on, and there is still no commitment from Congressional leaders to put the final text online as few as 72 hours before the vote. It is possible that your elected officials will vote on legislation that is over 1,000 pages long, but has been available for public inspection for less than 24 hours. Check out our most recent video explaining this process.


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World Movie Premiere

Not Evil Just Wrong is a documentary film that challenges the assertions on global warming made by Al Gore. This Sunday, October 18th, the movie will premiere simultaneously across the country in theaters, meeting halls and living rooms – hosted by people like you. Following the film, Heritage will host a panel discussion where you can ask live questions about this important issue via the Internet.

For more information on a screening near you visit NotEvilJustWrong.com.  

And, to see a clip of filmmaker Phelim McAleer questioning Al Gore directly about a British Court finding significant errors in An Inconvenient Truth, click here. When the organizers of the event did not like what Phelim was asking, they cut off his mic.


Order in the Court

Heritage launched a new website OrderInTheCourt.org to look at the problems with judicial activism in the federal court system. The site chronicles cases and the judges who decided them. It is an invaluable resource for anyone concerned about the rule of law in the U.S.