NetRight Daily: Taxation with Manipulation

Taxation with Manipulation:  Why is the United States tax code so complicated? One might think that our elected representatives could manage the chore of taxing people with a few relatively simple and easily understood words. Instead Americans are subject to thousandsof pages of ever changing regulations. What possible use are all those regulations?

Missouri Hides Sources Used in MIAC Report:  In response to a Missouri Sunshine Law Request to the Missouri Highway Patrol by Americans for Limited Government, the top law enforcement agency admitted has it had retained no records of a controversial report entitled, "The Modern Militia Movement" that was issued on its behalf by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) in February of this year.

Progressivism:  How Many Steps Forward this Time?:  When English philosopher John Locke, who greatly influenced America's Founding Fathers, claimed that mixing our labor with what was formerly common property gave us the right to now call that property our own, he both reaffirmed the Protestant work ethic and provided a philosophical defense of private property rights.

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