Bill Wilson ALG - The Restless Grassroots

Today, Bill Wilson the President of Americans for Limited Government, had an Op-Ed featured in the Washington Times.  Please check out his piece on the relationship between grassroots activists and congressional Republicans.  Mr. Wilson's expert analysis lays out what we are dealing with right now.  Please help spread this story around.

Adam Bitely
Director of New Media
Americans for Limited Government

The Restless Grassroots

By Bill Wilson

For decades, political observers have watched with fascination the battle raging inside the Republican Party. Whether the contest has been between Sen. Robert Taft and Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, between Barry Goldwater and Nelson A. Rockefeller, or Ronald Reagan and Gerald R. Ford, the battle has always been viewed as a fight between "conservatives" and so-called "moderates."

However, as recent events reveal, such a formulation misses the point. In fact, the real battle being waged is between Washington insiders - as represented by the congressional wing of the Republican Party - and grass-roots Americans from all walks of life throughout the country.

The actual events that prompted this observation were hardly anything of consequence. The gadfly, wannabe "cool" chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, issued a policy statement titled a "Health Care Bill of Rights." Within days, Senate Republicans led by Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander lashed out at Mr. Steele, intoning, "We are elected to set the policy."

And that, in a nutshell, points up the real fight being waged in Washington today. The congressional wing has grown alienated from the very people who sent them to Washington[…]

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