Says Rep. Almy acting a lot like the "balloon boy's" father

Concord, NH - In a story released today by NowHampshire.com, Representative Susan Almy refers to those who disagree with this week's "tax summit" and the inclusion of the Institution on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) in such, as "conspiracy theorists."  Almy later in the story compares the criticism to "McCarthyism."  

Commenting on Rep. Almy's characterization, Cornerstone's Director, Kevin Smith, said the following:

"It is unfortunate that Representative Almy is choosing to demonize those who disagree with her holding a tax summit as ‘conspiracy theorists.’  Ironically, she is sounding an awful lot like the 'baloon boy's' dad simply because people will not buy her story that she really has no hidden agenda to see an income tax in New Hampshire, despite her long track record of being an ardent income tax supporter.”  

Smith continued. “We continue to maintain that if Representative Almy were truly concerned about New Hampshire’s revenue problems, she would be analyzing spending trends rather than inviting an out-of-state George Soros backed group to give their tax prescription for New Hampshire’s citizens.”