NRCC - $hea-Porter Hypocrisy Highlighted (Again)

Fourth Estaters, included below are two stories from the weekend that highlight Carol Shea-Porter’s fundraising hypocrisy 

“Remember when Shea-Porter the candidate railed against political action committees?  In this cycle, she has raised $357,485, and $157,083 has come from PACs. She amended her vitriol in the 2008 campaign to be against corporate PACs while labor varieties are more than welcome, such as the latest entries of the Machinists Non-Partisan Political League, $5,000; AFSCME, $2,500; International Association of Firefighters, $2,500, and $7,500 in total; and the Service Employees International Committee, $2,500.” (Kevin Landrigan, In the Money, Nashua Telegraph, 10/18/2009)

 “Though [Shea-Porter] has committed to not taking money from business PACs, she will accept money from labor and Democratic leadership PACs. PACs contributed $32,100 to her this quarter. Nearly all of Guinta's money came from individuals. Guinta campaign manager Alicia Preston pointed out that Guinta reported $94,100 from in-state individuals while Shea-Porter only reported $43,600 in-state.”  (Shira Schoenberg, Ayotte Bringing in the Campaign Bucks, Concord Monitor, 10/18/2009)

NRCC Comment: “I don’t understand Carol Shea-Porter’s fundraising rules and regulations, but then again, neither does she.” – Tory Mazzola, NRCC Spokesman