CHQ - Obama's War on Those Who Aren't in His Corner

The Obama Administration Works to Control All the News White House's blatant attack on the Fox News Channel is part of a pattern to intimidate those members of the media who are not already sympathetic to President Obama's ultra-liberal policies. White House Communications Director Anita Dunn admitted last January that the Obama team "very rarely" communicated to the press anything they "didn't absolutely control."    Read and Comment Here

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New Poll Finds Republicans With Huge Leads in Virginia
---In the November 3rd race for Governor, the latest poll finds that, among likely voters, the GOP candidate, Bob McDonnell, has 59% to only 40% for Democrat Creigh Deeds.  Among independents, McDonnell is ahead by an astounding 71% to 27%. 

For Lieutenant Governor, Republican incumbent Bill Bolling leads Democrat Jody Wagner 56% to 42%.  In the race for Attorney General, GOP candidate Ken Cuccinelli has 56% to Democrat Steve Shannon's 41%.

Barack Obama carried Virginia in the 2008 election and the current Governor, Tim Kaine, is Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.  Both U.S. Senators, Jim Webb and Mark Warner are Democrats.

National Democrats Raise More Money in 3rd Quarter, but GOP Was Tops in September  
CQ Roll Call --In the latest 3-month period, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised $24.2 million, to $23.2 million for the Republican National Committee (RNC).  For September, the RNC was tops with $9.1 million, to around $8 million for the DNC.  

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