NetRight Daily: New Philadelphia ACORN Video Released

New Philadelphia ACORN Video Released:  I was able to attend the press conference this morning where Andrew Breitbart, Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe released their new video filmed at the Philadelphia ACORN office. Interestingly, it looks like they are taking Media Matters to task for their comments on their work thus far. For those who aren't aware, Media Matters is attacking this courageous film team for releasing these videos. Aside from outrageous claims that they are making, Media Matters appears to be in a close relationship with ACORN.

TARP's Hidden Costs:  The $700 billion bank bailout has been far more successful, and cheaper, so far, than many of its critics predicted, but turning a profit is unlikely. Especially when the hidden costs are factored in.

The Failure of Collectivism:  The Obama Administration has chosen to compare the current economic conditions to those of the 1930's to justify action on legislation without public comment and debate.  Despite the fact that the current economic conditions were caused by government intervention into the housing industry, just as the crash of 1929 was caused by the government's monetary policy, 2009 differs from 1932 in one important way:  the American public of 2009 has witnessed the failure of collectivism, which it had not in 1932.

Stimulating Misery:  The White House is prepared to unleash another so-called "stimulus" upon the U.S. economy, according to Yahoo! News. Only, they do not want to admit it's a "stimulus". According to White House spokeswoman, Jennifer Psaki, "The fact is that this is a word game."

Check out Rep. Mike Rogers discussing Health Care.

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