Months After Becoming Law, and spending 1 Trillion Dollars, Congresswoman Shea-Porter Admits, It Didn’t Work.

Manchester, NH – Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter this week back-tracked on her rallying support for the trillion dollar stimulus package telling WMUR TV in Manchester, NH

“I know that it has created some jobs, but clearly not what we were anticipating. And again I think that we should have put more money into the infrastructure so that there’d be more projects that people could work on.” (WMUR, 10/20/09)

The admission comes after eight months of soaring unemployment rates in New Hampshire and an unimproved economy that has left more than 53 thousand New Hampshire people, without jobs.

 “Since the so-called stimulus plan was enacted, more and more of our neighbors, family and friends, have lost their jobs.  More families are struggling to keep their homes, pay their rent and put food on the table.  It took a long time for our Congresswoman to passively admit, the trillion dollars she voted to spend didn’t work.  My question is; what is she going to do about it?”  said 1st District Congressional Candidate Frank Guinta.

In May, following questions from a constituent regarding concerns over the stimulus plan, Congresswoman Shea-Porter responded that the plan was “to create jobs and jump start the economy in the short term.” (Constituent letter dated May 5, 2009)

In July, the Congresswoman said on WGIR Radio “New Hampshire certainly has seen some jobs come and, actually, we grew jobs. We’ve actually had improvement in the number of jobs.”

Nancy Pelosi has recently begun discussing the possibility of a second stimulus plan and one has to wonder as Carol Shea-Porter has voted with Pelosi 98% of the time, would she continue her pattern despite her admission, that the first one didn’t work.

 “It’s time for real solutions.  Throwing money at the problem clearly hasn’t worked to stimulate the economy and create jobs,” said Guinta.  “All it has achieved is put a massive debt on generations of Americans and grow our deficit to the largest in history.  Now, Congresswoman Shea-Porter wants to throw another trillion dollars at a health care plan that does not address real reform, and provide Americans with the largest tax increase in history through a massive energy tax.  It is time Congresswoman Shea-Porter accepted that randomly throwing money at problems is not effective. We need long and short-term solutions to the problems we face.  We need thoughtful discussion to find solutions and we need to listen to our fellow citizens.”

Frank Guinta believes that a short term aid would be to reduce the massive tax burden on small business and individuals.  Innovation, individuals and small business are the fuel that drives the economy; the more they prosper the more business can grow and provide new jobs to help stabilize a continually depleting economy in New Hampshire. 

If you would like to speak to Frank, please contact Alicia Preston at the email or phone number listed above.