SEIA Statement on House Passage of H.R. 3585, the Solar Technology Roadmap

Washington, D.C. – Rhone Resch, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), released the following statement today after the House passed H.R. 3585, the Solar Technology Roadmap, by a vote of 310-106:

 “SEIA applauds the House for recognizing solar as an increasingly essential part of the U.S. energy portfolio. While solar technology is available and being deployed now in all 50 states, the Solar Technology Roadmap will help continue technological innovations and breakthroughs in the solar industry, driving down costs even further. The roadmap is modeled after a similar program that has helped drive rapid innovation in the semiconductor industry over the past two decades. We can do the same with solar.

“We especially want to applaud Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ). Congresswoman Giffords has been one of the solar industry’s strongest advocates in Congress since her arrival in 2007 and her leadership on the Solar Technology Roadmap is the latest of many efforts to help create a sound policy environment for the solar industry.

 “We now call on the Senate to swiftly pass this legislation and send it to the President to sign into law.”

Key provisions in the Solar Technology Roadmap:

·         Requires the Secretary of Energy to Solar Technology Roadmap Committee, comprised of at least 11 members. At least one-third but not more than half of the members of the Committee must come from the solar industry. The Secretary must also appoint a Committee chair, who shall not be a federal employee.

·         The Committee is required to create a Solar Technology Roadmap within eighteen months of enactment of the Act. The roadmap will present the best current estimate of the near-term (up to 2 years), mid-term (up to 7 years), and long-term (up to 15 years) R&D needs in solar technology. It must also provide direct guidance for solar technology R&D activities supported by the federal government. The bill requires that 30 percent of DOE solar R&D funding in 2012 is pursuant to the recommendations of the Roadmap, ramping up to 75 percent in 2015.

·         The bill authorizes $350 million for DOE to carry out these activities in FY2011, rising to $550 million in FY2015. In total, the Solar Technology Roadmap will invest $2 billion in solar R&D.


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