WNO - Video: ACORN Unveiled Press Conference: The Philadelphia Story


Video: ACORN Unveiled Press Conference: The Philadelphia Story

Who: ACORN Investigative Team

What: ACORN Unveiled Press Conference: The Philadelphia Story

When: Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Where: National Press Club


Part 1: Rep. Steve King Calls ACORN A Criminal Enterprise.

 (4:35) "ACORN is a criminal enterprise. That's the conclusion of the July 23rd report. But we couldn't crack into that without Hannah and without James because they had the insight to go inside those building and present themselves as a pimp and a prostitute." –Rep. Steve King



Part 2: Andrew Breitbart: Press Conference To Dispel Philadelphia Lies.

 (2:50) "They have lied that Hannah and James were kicked out of the Philadelphia ACORN office. They have lied that Hannah and James did not mention prostitution when they came in. We are here to dispel those lies."-Andrew Brietbart



Part 3: James O'Keefe's Philadelphia Video Unveiled.

 (7:38) "At no point were we kicked out and at no point were we asked to leave. You can watch and hear the unedited continuous tape to confirm the time sequence of all these events." –James O'Keefe



Part 4: James O'Keefe Says ACORN Lied, Calls Media Matters Pathetic.

 (:30) "America, ACORN lied to you. Bertha Lewis lied to you. The president of the Philadelphia organization lied to you. The head organizer in Philadelphia lied to you. Media Matters, which gets millions and millions and millions of dollars couldn't do basic investigative fact finding but two amateur kids with a camcorder and a thousand dollars could. It's pathetic." -James O'Keefe



Part 5: Hannah Giles: People Deserve Know Where Their Taxes Go.

 (6:50) "James and I worked very hard to gather this footage. We've given it to the public because we think the American people deserve to know what is going on with their taxpayer dollars." -Hannah Giles