NetRight Daily: Book Review - End the Fed by Ron Paul

The Latest on the MIAC Report:  Last week, Americans for Limited Government notified its members and the media bout its Missouri Sunshine Law request concerning the controversial "Modern Militia Movement" domestic threat advisory issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) in February. Almost immediately, ALG was contacted by Liberty Restoration Project (LRP) Executive Director Catherine Bleish.

Book Review - End the Fed by Ron Paul:  In 2008, Congressman Ron Paul stood up to the Republican establishment and ran for President. He inspired new young libertarians to join his campaign and get more involved with politics. Little did he know that a just over a year later, he would be the author of two bestselling books and the leader of a large well-funded movement called "Campaign for Liberty."

VIDEO:  Bill Owens Raises Money from Bailout Recipients with Obama.

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