NetRight Daily: Health Insurance Mandates

Health Insurance Mandates Could Leave Many Worse Off:  Americans seem to like the idea of broadening health insurance coverage, but they may not want to be forced to buy it. With health care costs high and rising, such government mandates would make many people worse off.

A Clear-Eyed View of the Obama Regime:  Whether by ignorance or design, the first ten months of the Obama Administration have put the very security and prosperity of America in grave jeopardy. This is not mere hyperbole, nor is this conclusion reached lightly. Rather, it comes from an in-depth analysis of those policies implemented by what can only be described upon a thoughtful inquiry as a regime.

VIDEO:  Tom Coburn talks Health Care.

The Real Plot Against Conservative Speech:  Rush Limbaugh, at least for now, will not fulfill his dream of owning an NFL team. That great arbiter of acceptable public discourse, Al Sharpton, claims at least partial responsibility. Accusations that Limbaugh had made racially charged remarks, such as that slavery was not all bad, sealed his fate.

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