NRSC - As Americans Are Working Hard, Hodes Is Hardly Working

Good afternoon – As Senate Democrats continue debating their contentious government-run health care proposal today, I thought you might be interested in knowing what Democrat Congressman Paul Hodes and his House colleagues have been busy with this week in Washington.

According to this week’s schedule, Hodes and his Democrat colleagues in the House are taking up four non-controversial “suspension” bills this week, including resolutions welcoming to the Archbishop of Constantinople to the United States and honoring the 2,560th Anniversary of the birth of Confucius.

Unfortunately, Paul Hodes is not taking advantage of his spare time during these two-and-a-half-day workweeks by explaining to New Hampshire voters just how he plans to play for the government-run health care plan that he supports or explaining why the so-called “stimulus” bill that he voted for has not met expectations for job creation in New Hampshire.   

If you happen to find some time to chat with Congressman Hodes amidst his very busy schedule, I hope you’ll consider the following statement from the NRSC:  

 “Paul Hodes wants the people of New Hampshire to promote him to the U.S. Senate, but he still hasn’t demonstrated leadership in the House. Hodes should make good use of his spare time and explain to his constituents: How does he propose paying for a government-run health care plan? Will he vote against a health care bill that is not deficit neutral? Why hasn’t the stimulus produced the job creation that Hodes promised when he voted for this bill in February? Voters in the Granite State deserve leadership in Washington – not another rubber stamp waiting in the wings to take his directions from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.” – Amber Wilkerson Marchand, NRSC spokeswoman