CHQ - It is RINO Season in NY-23. Come join the hunt!


The Battle for the Soul of the Party is taking place right now in NY-23 - the special Congressional Election in New York's 23rd District.  Republican Party leaders nominated Dede Scozzafava, a pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage, pro-card check,  pro-cap and trade tax raiser.

For the first time, social conservatives, economic conservatives, foreign policy conservatives and libertarians are banding together to stop Dede and elect the true conservative - true Republican candidate Doug Hoffman, running on the Conservative ticket.

Your help is needed RIGHT NOW ON THE GROUND IN NY-23.  Doug Hoffman faces organized grassroots effort from both parties.  The NRCC is pouring money into the RINO's campaign and she's been backed by party leaders.  It's time to hold the party to its conservative principles!

The Susan B. Anthony List and the National Organization for Marriage are working together, running an Independent Expenditure operation in the District to give Doug Hoffman a similar grassroots "ground game."

Your help is needed.  Our troops on the ground have created a ground swell recruiting local volunteers, but they need more help.  We need people distributing literature this Sunday.  We need people to work the polls in NY-23 on election day.  Every single body makes a difference.

Conservative organizations are driving the media -- The Club for Growth has poured more than half a million dollars into TV. National Organization for Marriage and Susan B. Anthony List are running more than 1,000 radio spots and making more than 400,000 calls.  But the victory will be won on the ground, in the district.  If you live in or near NY-23, or can travel there, call Mark Berg, the SBA/NOM organizer in the District at 540-247-0338.  Or email

This election is far more important than one congressional seat.  Doug Hoffman, a true conservative, will caucus with the Republicans.  But it is time our party leaders woke up. It is time that political expediency gave way to principle.  Social and Economic Conservatives are working together to take control of the soul of the party.  This is a defining moment.  This is a battle for the future.  Don't miss it.

It's RINO Season in N-Y23. Come join the hunt!

Listen to this ad that outlines Doug Hoffman's conservative credentials.