DSCC - EXCLUSIVE: Another Republican officially announces U.S. Senate bid

In first speech, Binnie announces for U.S. Senate

Wednesday, October 28 2009 07:53 PM

RYE -- The Republican primary for the U.S. Senate just got a little bigger tonight.

In his first political appearance, Rye businessman Bill Binnie told a gathering of about 100 Republicans at a country club here that he intends to file papers next week forming a U.S. Senate campaign.

Binnie has never held or sought elected office before. He runs Portsmouth-based Carlisle Capital and also owns the Wentworth by the Sea County Club.

He told the Rye Republican Club that he was upset about federal spending.

"Only a few months ago I was like you at home complaining about Washington and talking about reckless spending wishing somebody would so something about it. I came to the realization, slowly, that it needs to be someone like me," he said. "You see it is going to be very hard for me to stop my work. I have lots of employees that I have worked with for 25 years. I has been very tough, frankly. Harder than I thought to take my time, stop focusing on my work so I can focus on running for the U.S. Senate."

Binnie described himself as the son of immigrants, who came from nothing, worked through college, became a mechanic, then graduate school and then a business success and a world traveler.

"We need someone like me... someone who knows how the real world works and has created jobs," he said.

Aiding him at the event was Matt Mayberry, one of the state's Republican super-activists, who guided him around the room. Also helping Binnie was Colin Maynard, an Indiana native who worked last in California.

"I would be the first to tell you I am not a career politician," he said. "I would be the first to tell you I never wanted the job. I'll be the first you tell you I never wanted something more in my life. I am going to work my heart out. I am going to give it my best. I am going to put my voice to the debate of the day. I think I have something to say to the rest of you. I hope you hear me. I hope you listen."