NetRight Daily: Health Care and Valerie Jarrett

Today we launched, a website to focus on finding out exactly who Valerie Jarrett is.  Please check it out and consider joining the blog coalition.  We can definitely use the help!  Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:

Co-Opted Competition:  That's the premise behind a new ad from, the left-leaning grassroots group that's pushing President Barack Obama's socialized medicine plan. If it sounds familiar to supporters of free market reform, it should. Launches:  To start things off we are going to need contributors for the website.  I know that a lot of you have already done stories on Valerie, and we could use that information on the website.  Would you mind joining our effort as a contributor and a member of our Stop Jarrett blog coalition?

A Purple Win is America's Loss:  As individual citizens and taxpayers read the various healthcare bills that their legislators have not read, it becomes very clear that there are many losers in the Administration's healthcare reform plan. And it is experience with previous government healthcare programs shows that proponents of new government programs will misrepresent the cost to the public to get programs approved.

Valerie Jarrett - At the Core of Obama: Who is Valerie Jarrett? The brain of Barack and Michelle Obama. The alter ego, the "mind meld". The head of the pimple on a rash of pimples infecting our executive branch. She's the one who brought in Van Jones, and who knows how many other communist radicals. Read her background – her roots (Chicago tentacles) go way back and very deep into Obama's background. An insider. In fact, she's so inside, she's at the center of it.

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