CEI - Democrats Have a Cow Over Testimony on Global Warming Topic

The House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming held a hearing today to complain about Congress getting "fraudulent letters" opposing clean energy and climate legislation. You might think the committee would want to hear from a knowledgable witness saying - guess what! - many advocacy groups have used so-called "astroturf" tactics to lobby Congress FOR global warming tax-and-regulate plans.  But apparently the Democratic majority on the committee had a cow at the prospect of hearing from a witness bearing that message.  Or, for that manner, any witnesses picked by the Republican committee members.  CEI energy policy expert Chris Horner was originally invited to testify, but the committee chairman - Edward Markey, author of the leading global warming cap-and-trade bill that passed the House earlier this year - objected. 

Read all about it from Chris Horner himself on BigGovernment.com and on NRO's Planet Gore blog.  See also: his would-be testimony attached to the blog posts (which I am told will be entered into the Congressional Record).  Let me know if you would like to speak to Chris Horner on this topic.  I think it's pretty outrageous he's been excluded like this.  What do you think?