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Battle at the VA Hospital

The Saga of Terry Soles

Posted by Jim Davis
by Barbie Perkins-Cooper

Terry Soles was a typical, all American kind of guy. Dependable, hard working and very devoted to his family. Terry was proud of his country, the United States flag, and what it represented, along with his military service.

He served in the United States Navy as a jet mechanic in Rhode Island, during the Vietnam conflict. He was the first to serve others, but when it came time for him to seek help, after his military service, the United States, and the V.A. let him down.
As a writer and the proud wife of a Vietnam Veteran, I research information about the military, especially informative material to assist Veterans in their battles with the Veterans Administration.

Recently, I discovered the heartbreaking story of Denise and Terry Soles and their devastating experiences with V.A. medical benefits and care during the illness and eventual death of Terry Soles.

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