Manchester, NH – Today, Carol Shea-Porter stood with Nancy Pelosi to announce the latest version of a health care bill.  Frank Guinta released the following statement on the legislation:

 “I was hopeful that Congress would have learned from the failed trillion dollar spending spree on the stimulus bill that simply throwing money at problems doesn’t fix them.  Unfortunately, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and her colleagues seem to have learned nothing from that. They are now asking us to entrust them again with another trillion dollars of our money, on a plan designed in a closed-door back room that, like the stimulus plan, hasn’t been read by most of its supporters and is being rushed through on an arbitrary time-line.

 “This government run health care proposal brought forward today raises taxes and would force millions of Americans to leave the doctors they currently have.  Most amazingly, Congresswoman Shea-Porter stood today touting the benefits this plan would have for seniors—when the fact is this plan actually cuts Medicare payments.

 “New Hampshire voters have made it clear, the majority do not want a government run health care plan.  But, our Congresswoman has refused to meet openly with members of the public, so it’s no surprise she’s not able to hear us.

 “We need reform, but the reform we need isn’t even addressed here such as medical malpractice reform, portability and individual tax deductions for health insurance premiums.  It’s time our Congresswoman listen to those she is supposed to represent, not special interests.”