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Military Provides Training On Extremists Preying on Service Members

by Bob Hanafin, Staff Writer

The military has been training service members on the dangers of right wing extremist groups, and how they may target service members and veterans, for years. That includes, yes, even under George W. Bush's Pentagon." John Stolz, Iraq War Veteran

This is follow up to our article on a group that questions the constitutionality of our government to the extremes of recruiting active duty troops to take the Oath Keepers Oath that leads to the expectation that Our Troops disobey the orders of the duly elected civilian leadership in their Chain of Command.

We at Veterans Today make the assumption the Oath Keepers fits the definition of a right-wing group as used by DoD. It is up to DoD, the FBI, and Homeland Security NOT Veterans Today to determine if Oath Keepers warrants attention or not.

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