NetRight Daily: Stimulating Our Way to Depression

Stimulating Our Way to Depression:  In 1932, FDR had an opportunity to change the conventional way that governments deal with a recession.  His predecessor, Herbert Hoover, who also had a tendency towards central planning, had started the process.  Instead of allowing markets to correct themselves as they had in all the previous panics, as depressions were then called, both men instituted programs of government intervention.

Chicago Is Not the IOC's "Kind of Town":  How in the name of all that is good and just is Barack Obama supposed to bring lasting peace, true prosperity, and White House beer busts to the entire world if they won't even let him get in a little playtime in sweet home Chicago?

Congress Will Not Listen on Health Care:  It seems that our legislators, despite the thousands who showed up at their town halls to protest such measures,  despite the tens of thousands attending other TEA Parties across the nation all year and despite the millions attending various 9/12 rallies,  still do not understand the message the American people are sending. The American people want government to resume it's proper, Constitutional role.  For a good example, let's look at the current healthcare debate.

72 HoursIf a growing number of House members that signed a discharge petition for H. Res. 554 have their way, every single bill in Congress will be held for least 72 business hours Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) prior to passage for a mandatory review by each house.

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