Democracy Foundation - National Ballot Initiative Newsletter

I am pleased to report that Ross Levin has stepped forward to maintain a new campaign page for candidates who endorse NI4D. Please contact Ross if you would like to update the information on this page.

Two marvelous documentaries have come out recently. The Golden Rule documented the influence of money and greed in politics. No specific solution is advanced besides the need for greater participation in power. Us Now pointed to social networking technology as a trend toward direct participation and entertained some speculation about what that might mean for government.

The last newletter for the National Initiative for Democracy was sent out to 19264 people. Film is possibly our most effective medium of communication. I urge you to talk to your friends and colleagues about these two new documentaries. Also, mention the best proposal for deliberative direct democracy, that is, NI4D. Get the word out.

That's the most important way you can contribute to our cause at this time.

In the last newsletter (which you can find on, I wrote about the emails we have been receiving regarding the alleged definition of "republic" being "not a democracy." In response to our newsletter, we received one particularly humorous reply from Mr. Winter:

Thank you for emailing newsletter.  While it is no doubt true that most Americans neither know nor care about the difference between republicanism & democracy, there is in fact a definite meaningful difference.  This country, like every other country in the world where elections are held (fraudulent or not), is a republic, meaning we have representative government.  The fact that I can think of no national politician who represents me is my problem, not republicanism's.  Democracy means, most of all, equality, which as you have implied is often thwarted by government.  Semantics aside, please don't change the name to National Initiative for Republicanism.  As a writer I can tell you that N I 4 D sounds better than N I 4 R.

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