NH Council of Churches Offers Seminar "Supporting Military Families"

Partnering to Support Military Kids & Their Families -

October 14, 2009. 

A professional development opportunity for religous leaders -

 If you haven't already registered for this conference, please do so today.

We are expecting the largest deployment ever in NH this year.  Supporting our military families and children is a very important issue.  And, to be sure, communities will be affected as well. 

The New Hampshire Council of Churches with the UNH Cooperative Extension's Operation Military Kids (OMK) program, in partnership with all branches of the military and the Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team, is pleased to offer "Partnering to Support Military Kids and Their Families" on Wednesday, October 14, 2009, from 8:30-4:00 at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, 2 Institute Drive, in Concord, NH.

This day-long continuing education opportunity will focus on New Hampshire's military youth and their families and their need for support before, during, and after a service member deploys.  With more than half of the 4,000 plus military youth in our state expected to see a parent or loved one deploy in 2010, this subject could not be more timely or relevant.

Symposium participants will learn about the deployment process and how the stages of deployment differ among the branches of service; determine which services and support military families need most during the deployment cycle; build relationships with individuals, community groups, and the military to work together to meet the needs of military families during each stage of deployment; and partner with others in their profession and their community to develop networks of support for military children and families.  

For more information, or to register online, visit the UNH Cooperative Extension OMK web page at www.nhomk.com.  Look for the program flyer in the yellow "What's New" box.  You may also use the attached flyer if you prefer to register by fax or mail.  Registration deadline is October 8th.  Space is limited.  Questions?  Please contact the OMK office at 603-862-2297 or geri.farnell@unh.edu.


For more background, see the Concord Monitor below:

Ready to go 
State Guard prepares to send 1,100 troops to Kuwait 

  Monitor staff

  October 04, 2009 - 12:00 am

  ALEXANDER COHN / Monitor staff
  Spc. Nathan Tilton of Manchester stands with other Guard members during a weapons test at Fort Drum, N.Y.

  The New Hampshire National Guard is preparing for its biggest deployment ever, with 1,100 troops slated to spend a year in Kuwait.

  Where exactly the soldiers of the 197th Fires Brigade will go, when they'll go, and what they'll be doing remain uncertain. The brigade will likely deploy in a little less than a year to Kuwait, managing U.S. bases where soldiers stop on their way to and from Iraq. They'll also patrol those bases, checking vehicles that come in and out. And they'll be tasked with keeping convoys of soldiers and supplies safe as they travel between Kuwait and Iraq. 
  Also, you might like to read the OMK story on the front page of our Cooperative Extension web site (scroll down) http://extension.unh.edu/ .  We have seen recent articles in the NH news the past couple of weeks addressing the NH deployment plans, and there was an interesting article in the NY Times this past Sunday you might be interested in.  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/27/us/27mothers.html?_r=2&sq=military%20deployment&st=cse&adxnnl=1&scp=1&adxnnlx=1254488400-BiJ1+qebWxBhFn1hb1b10A