NH SBA seeks the Best of the Best for 2010 Small Business Awards

Nominations Deadline is November 20, 2009

Concord, NH - The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has opened nominations for the prestigious SBA Small Business Awards for 2010.  As part of the annual celebration of National Small Business Week, SBA recognizes outstanding small business owners, entrepreneurs and advocates for their contribution to the economic vitality of the State and the Nation. The SBA honors continue to be one of the most competitive, comprehensive and visible small business awards in the state.

 “These annual awards are an important means of recognizing several categories of successful small businesses, but they also rightly emphasize the importance of those who support and assist small businesses as Small Business Champions as well.” said SBA’s New Hampshire District Director Witmer Jones.

SBA’s Small Business Person of the Year Award honors the accomplishments of successful small business owners who have demonstrated staying power, innovativeness in their products and services, created and sustained jobs, and increased annual revenues.  Candidates for this award may be a single small business owner and operator or a partnership of up to four managing partners. 

Special honors are also presented to other small business owners or entrepreneurs who have shown extraordinary business savvy, drive and skill in different areas of business.  These awards will recognize achievement in the following categories:

·         Family Owned Business that has transferred ownership from one generation to the next with a minimum of 15 years of operation;

·         Small Business Exporter who owns and operates a small business engaged in exporting;

·         Young Entrepreneur who has owned and operated a successful business for a minimum of three years and is still under 30 years old;

·         Entrepreneurial Success for the small business owner who initially launched a small business according to SBA size standards and subsequently developed into a large business, must have received SBA assistance to help the business grow.

·         New Hampshire Woman-Owned Business:  Any woman who owns and operates or bears principal responsibility for operating a small business.  Must have received SBA assistance through counseling, training or loans.

The SBA Champion Awards honor those individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to supporting small businesses through professional and volunteer efforts with an extraordinary impact on a specific segment of the small business community.   The areas of accomplishment and advocacy that will be recognized in 2010 include:

·         Women in Business Champion for individuals who have coached, assisted and advocated for the advancement and success of women as small business owners;

·         Veteran Small Business Champion for individuals who have fulfilled a commitment to advancing small business opportunities for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces;

·         Financial Services Champion for individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to increasing access to capital and financing opportunities for small business;

·         Home Based Business Champion for individuals with experience in operating a home based business that also assist and promote this fast emerging segment of the economy;

·         Minority Small Business Champion for individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to expanding business ownership opportunities among minorities.


Any individual or organization may submit a nomination for the 2010 SBA Small Business Awards.  For printed nomination forms or more information, call Hugh Curley at 603-225-1402, or send an e-mail request to hugh.curley@sba.gov . This year the deadline to submit the completed nomination forms will be Friday, November 20, 2009, at the New Hampshire District Office, 55 Pleasant Street, Suite 3101, Concord, New Hampshire 03301.