First time candidate raises 2 ½ times what Paul Hodes raised in his first quarter

Manchester, NH- Today Kelly Ayotte announced her first campaign finance report will show she raised more than $613,000 when it is filed with the Secretary of the Senate on October 15. Ayotte formed her committee in late July and had just over two months of fundraising covered by the report.

 “I am humbled by the outpouring of support from people all around New Hampshire,” said Ayotte. “People across the state are tired of partisan bickering in Washington, and red ink as far as the eye can see. They want someone who will use New Hampshire common sense in bringing fiscal sanity to the Senate.”

Ayotte’s report shows she raised almost two and a half times more than Paul Hodes raised in his first quarter of fundraising for New Hampshire’s open Senate seat. Paul Hodes raised $224,728 during his first quarter compared to Ayotte’s $610,000.

Unlike Hodes, a majority of Ayotte’s financial support has come from New Hampshire in the early days of her campaign. According to Opensecrets.org, Hodes has raised just $205,000 during the entire first six months of his campaign from individuals in New Hampshire, while Ayotte raised $360,000 from people in New Hampshire in just over sixty days of her campaign.

 “She raised more money in her first quarter of fundraising, than any other first time candidate in New Hampshire History,” said Steve Duprey, Ayotte’s Finance Committee Chairman. “I have been involved in a lot of campaigns in New Hampshire, and I have never seen an outpouring of support like I have seen for Kelly.”

More remarkably, Ayotte did this while facing unique challenges in fundraising having never run for elective office; Ayotte started with no donor file and had never solicited a political contribution.