Endorses policies that will strangle NH homeowners with new energy taxes

Concord, NH - In a unilateral decision last week, Governor Lynch put his signature to a United Nations led declaration committing the State of New Hampshire to supporting the 'cap and trade' legislation currently being debated in the US Congress, which would levy thousands of dollars in new energy taxes on every home owner in the state.

Among other alarming statements, the declaration signed by Lynch states:

* We [the undersigned] believe that the United States must enact comprehensive climate change legislation during the current session of the U.S. Congress in order to put the world on a path to greenhouse gas stabilization.


* Support the use of finance mechanisms to address global warming.

With regard to policy development, the declaration also resolves to: 

* "Support national climate change legislation," and declares that, "Up to 50 to 80 percent of actions needed to reach the UN climate goals will be implemented at the state and local levels."

Cornerstone's Kevin Smith expressed grave concern with the Governor's actions,

"We find it appalling that the Governor would take it upon himself to sign an international declaration on global warming, committing the state to enacting certain environmental provisions, without having consulted his constituents or at least the legislature."

Smith added, "The extreme global warming policies in which the Governor is endorsing in this declaration will only prove to increase energy taxes on every homeowner in New Hampshire at a time when folks are struggling to make ends meet. We call on the Governor to rescind his signature from this sweeping declaration so that environmental policy for New Hampshire can be set through the proper channels via the state legislature."

The UN declaration which Governor Lynch signed was presented at the Governors' Global Climate Summit 2 last week in California. The entire article and declaration can be read on the United Nations Development Programme website HERE.

The fiscal impact of the climate change bill currently being debated in the US Congress, on the State of New Hampshire, can be found HERE.