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The Cost of Complacency:  Despite the lofty words of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the reality is those that pay for government have very little say in it.

No, You Can't See the Health Care Bill:  When then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama promised not to sign major legislation until it had been posted on the Internet for public reading at least five days, trusting voters took him at his word. Now they know better. Not only is the actual language of what is likely to become the main legislative vehicle for Obama's signature health care reform not available on the Internet, it hasn't been given to members of the key Senate committees or the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), either. (H/T Washington Examiner)

The Disincentive to Work:  When a recession hits, the first number everyone keeps a close eye on is the unemployment rate. Every American can relate with those who lose their jobs since it puts both their family and their career in jeopardy.

The Consolidators:  A Western by Mark Lloyd:  There can be little doubt about who wears the black hats in the new, myopically focused, socialistically inspired drama of the Old West by, and starring, FCC Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd.

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