NRCC - Granite Grok: Shea-Porter was Against Corruption Before she was For Corruption

Check out this post from Granite Grok.  It highlights Carol Shea-Porter’s latest example of hypocrisy.  Just a few years ago Shea-Porter thought Members of Congress should do two things when their colleagues face ethical problems: Vote to reprimand them and Return money from them.  My, my, how the times have changed.  Yesterday, Shea-Porter voted to protect Charlie Rangel, a powerful committee chairman who loves taxes but doesn’t pay them and a key contributor ($14,000) to Shea-Porter’s campaign.  Enjoy, and don’t miss the video.


Carol Shea-Porter: Against Corruption in Congress Before She was in Favor of it….

Oh, Carol, there you go again!


Candidate Shea-Porter. That was then: