NRCC - $hea-Porter Hypocrisy: Protect Rangel, Keep his Ca$h

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Background Information: “After Rangel's ethical problems began to stack up a year ago, Republicans began turning up the pressure on candidates to refund Rangel's money or be forever associated with the man they peg as a tax cheat. A few Democrats returned Rangel's donations, including Ethics Committee member Peter Welch of Vermont, who said he returned Rangel's $20,000 out of ‘an abundance of caution.’” (Daphne Retter, Pol’s Charlie hor$e, New York Post, 9/4/09)


Shea-Porter gives Rangel a pass on chairmanship strip, has financial ties

October 7, 2009 by Patrick

Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) voted the party line today to overlook an Ethics Committee investigation and allow Rep. Charlie Rangel to continue to serve as Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee despite having railed against Republican ethics when she first ran for Congress just four years ago.

“Let’s talk about ethics,” Shea-Porter told then-incumbent Republican Congressman Jeb Bradley during a debate in 2006. “Let’s talk about Tom Delay. I asked you three times at different town meetings to please return that money to Tom Delay. It was $15,000 and you didn’t need it. This was before the indictment but he had been chastised three times by the Ethics Committee.”

Shea-Porter regularly disrupted Bradley’s town hall meetings while he was a member of Congress.

“You voted in that Ethics Committee ruling to allow him to stay on if need be until he was actually convicted and I thought that was the wrong vote,” Shea-Porter continued.

According to financial records, Shea-Porter has since accepted a combined $14,000 from Charlie Rangel’s Congressional PAC and his leadership committee, the National Leadership PAC.

Shea-Porter’s office did not respond to’s inquiry as to whether or not she would return the money to Rangel.

Rangel is currently under investigation by the Ethics Committee.