NetRight Daily: No One to Blame, President Obama

No One to Blame, President Obama:  Since his election last November, even before taking office in January, Barack Obama has reshaped the office of the Presidency into the image he envisioned when beginning his quest for the Oval Office.

A "True American?":  Sometimes it's tough to tell who plays for America and who plays for … well, the other guys. Take Mark Lloyd – the Federal Communications Commission "diversity czar" who has expressed starstruck support for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and yet utter contempt for the U.S. First Amendment. (H/T FitsNews)

The "Fairness Police":  Imagine a world in which government-owned newspapers delivered sanitized, pro-bureaucratic talking points approved by government censors for "fairness." Now, imagine a world in which talk radio and the new media -- two outlets that Americans have been turning to in record numbers to escape the barrage of sanitized, pro-bureaucratic "news" -- were also under Big Brother's "regulatory" thumb.

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