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Ken Merrifield Re-Elected Mayor of Franklin!

On Tuesday, the 6th of October, Ken Merrifield was overwhelming re-elected Mayor of Franklin with 67% of the vote! Mayor Merrifield could not have done it without the hard work that so many of you put into his race. Thank you to all who helped drop literature and make phone calls in order to get out the vote. Your hard work truly made the difference!

As Chairman John H. Sununu put it, "Ken’s re-election ensures that fiscally conservative policies will continue to promote economic growth and development in the city."
"Ken's commitment to the sound Republican principles of lower taxes and fiscal responsibility made the difference in this race."

Paul Hodes: Down, Down, Down

A recent poll released by the University of New Hampshire (10/5/09) indicates that Congressman Hodes would have trouble winning re-election to his House seat – let alone winning a United States Senate race. Polls released by Rasmussen Reports (9/16/09) and the American Research Group (10/1/09) also show that Hodes has extremely high disapproval ratings for an incumbent, second term Congressman.

“National Democrats are satisfied with Hodes but secretly wish they had a more proven statewide vote-getter.” –NBC (10/7/09)

Why does Paul Hodes need to sneak off to NYC to raise money with Joe Biden? Because he's too embarrased to to do it in New Hampshire.

Rep. Sherm Packard: No Change in Democrats' Ways

In a recent column Terie Norelli, speaker of the New Hampshire House, did an excellent job of co-opting a philosophy that House Republicans have been espousing for three years -- one of low taxes and decreased spending. The speaker of the House claims she is concerned with "striking a delicate balance between protecting services and taxpayers," and yet she has stood by the last three years as general fund appropriations, i.e. spending, have increased by almost 25 percent under her leadership as the deficit continues to grow.

When she wrote, "we were able to increase aid to communities," was she forgetting about the $50 million in general revenue sharing or the $15 million in rooms and meals revenue sharing that were reduced by Democrats? Did she intentionally overlook the $131 million that Democrats downshifted to the cities and towns -- a move that severely impacted the local property taxpayer?

When Speaker Norelli talks of "working hard to craft a responsible budget," is she intentionally overlooking the more than 40 taxes and fees that Democrats either created or raised to pay for their so-called "responsible budget"? They increased the rooms and meals tax, including a 9 percent tax on campers; they created a new tax on gambling winnings, a new tax on small business and increased vehicle registration fees, among others. Their mantra of "let's increase spending and then create more taxes to pay for it" has to stop.

Click here to read the rest of Rep. Packard's Op-Ed.

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

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Friday, October 09, 2009

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Monday, October 12, 2009

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009