Wheels Falling Off The Hodes Campaign As His Donations Drop Over $125,000 In Third Quarter

CONCORD – Congressman Paul Hodes today reported that his third quarter campaign donations dropped over $125,000 from the previous fundraising period. Hodes, a second term Congressman running in an uncontested Democrat primary, had been expected to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars more than he reported.

 “Despite benefiting from an uncontested primary and receiving assistance from Senator Harry Reid, Vice President Joe Biden and other Washington politicians, Paul Hodes still failed to meet his fundraising goals. This embarrassing fundraising report  is just another indication that Mr. Hodes is failing to attract the support and enthusiasm of New Hampshire voters,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams. “The Democrats must really regret their decision to force Carol Shea-Porter out of the Senate race to clear the way for Paul Hodes’ lackluster candidacy.”

Congressman Hodes’ disspointing fundraising report comes only one day after NBC News reported that prominent Democrats are growing increasingly concerned with his campaign. According to MSNBC’s First Read (10/7/09), Democrat Party leaders recently admitted that they “secretly wish they had a more proven statewide vote-getter,” than Congressman Hodes in the race. Over the last few weeks he’s been criticized by the New Hampshire media for not holding traditional town hall meetings, he has insulted people who disagree with his disastrous health care agenda and three polls released in the last month show that he is widely disliked by voters.

A recent poll released by the University of New Hampshire (10/5/09) indicates that Congressman Hodes would have trouble winning re-election to his House seat – let alone winning a United States Senate race. Polls released by Rasmussen Reports (9/16/09) and the American Research Group (10/1/09) also show that Hodes has extremely high disapproval ratings for an incumbent, second term Congressman.