CHQ - Of Course Conservatives Can Win

NY-23 Shows Republicans 'Want Nothing to Do With Conservatives'
Pajamas Media - "There is a major disconnect between the Republican establishment and the Republican rank and file that the former has yet to get their head around," writes Eric Florack at Pajamas Media. "They do not understand conservatives. They want nothing to do with conservatives. They view them as a roadblock to power." (Emphasis added.) Florack, who lives close to NY-23, says a conservative would have been a perfect fit for that district if Republicans actually understood that conservatives can, and will, win in elections.  [Find this Story at News From the Front]

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New Grassroots Group Makes Impact
Brown Pelican Society - "The election results of November [3] were not merely the spontaneous reaction of Republicans to the bad economy and liberal excesses of the Obama administration. The four pro-life, conservative GOP candidates in Virginia and New Jersey were elected in a groundswell of religious and social conservatives, many of them independent voters who had voted for Obama only a year ago. A new grassroots organization played a major role in getting these voters to the polls - the Faith & Freedom Coalition was founded by Ralph Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition, in May 2009."

VIDEO: Instapundit Among the Grassroots Groups - "Glenn 'Instapundit' Reynolds recently spoke with several of the folks attending the State Policy Network conference in North Carolina. SPN is the largest umbrella organization of think tanks on the state level, which is where many changes happen first and most extensively. Among his interviewees are Jon Caldara of Colorado's Independence Institute, Jennifer Butler of SPN, and Starlee Rhoades of Arizona's Goldwater Institute. About 15 mins."

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