NetRight Daily: Health Care is Not Over Yet

Health Care:  Not Close to Over:  The narrow 220-215 victory in the House on Saturday night was a step forward on the road to a government takeover of the health care system. But as close and dramatic as that vote was, that was the easy part. The Senate must still pass its version of reform--which will not be the bill that just passed the House. Nancy Pelosi was, after all, able to lose the votes of 39 moderate Democrats. 

Senate Should Torpedo ObamaCare Abomination:  Now that the House has passed the $2.1 trillion ObamaCare abomination by the slimmest of margins, the scene shifts to the Senate. There, members will be put to the test as to whether to pass the single largest redistribution of the wealth in U.S. history

The Lords of Entitlement:  Speaker Nancy Pelosi defied policy logic and public opinion late Saturday night, ramming through the House a nearly 2,000-page health-care leviathan that counts as the biggest expansion of the federal government since the New Deal. As President Obama likes to say, this was a "teachable moment" about our current government.

Knowing Chicago Is Essential to Knowing Obama:  "I think knowing Chicago is essential to knowing America and our new President," Jarrett told them.  Chicago was the city where he got his start as a community organizer.   And since, she claimed, all that most of the audience (at the World Economic Forum, no less) knew about Chicago was Oprah and Michael Jordan, she proceeded to tell them that it is the heartland of America, with a hardworking, pragmatic populace.  She neglected to mention that it is also infamous for its widespread culture of political corruption.

November's Dizzying Spin:  If you believe the dizzying onslaught of self-serving propaganda coming out of the partisan spin machines in Washington, D.C., neither party lost in the recently concluded off-year elections held in New Jersey, New York and Virginia, among other places.

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