Ovide for U.S. Senate Campaign Site Launch

Dear Friends -

This morning, I filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to establish my candidacy to be the next U.S. Senator from New Hampshire in 2010.  It is not a decision I have come to lightly.  However, we are at a critical moment in our nation's history.  You and I know that Washington is broken and in need of fundamental reform and a return to fiscal conservatism.  And for years, members of both parties have promised to bring meaningful change to Washington, but too often have failed to deliver. 

As I have traveled our great state over the past few months, I have been deeply humbled at the level of interest in my candidacy, and support for my message of bringing change to Washington.  I am optimistic about our country's future, and convinced of the need for strong leaders in Washington who will fight for real change, and to bring New Hampshire values to the Senate.  It is with that optimism that I have entered the race for Senate today.

The upcoming Senate race in New Hampshire will be one of the most important races in our country next year. In that election, the people of New Hampshire will have a stark choice - real change to make Washington work for the people, or more of the same special interest, party boss driven politics as usual. I am running for Senate because I am ready to fight for New Hampshire taxpayers, families and businesses. I am not the establishment candidate, but, as an independent minded conservative, I am ready to lead the effort to bring fiscal sanity and fundamental reform to Washington once and for all.

To succeed, I need your help.  Please sign up at our new website, www.ovide2010.com, or follow me on Twitter at @ovidein2010 to make a contribution and learn more about our efforts on the road to victory.  We are going to run a traditional New Hampshire campaign, and get our message out through a strong and deep grassroots team that involves every corner of the state.  Whether through your financial support, volunteer assistance or simply by being a voice in the community on our behalf, please know that every effort on behalf of Team Ovide will make a difference.

Thank you for your interest, and I look forward to hitting the campaign trail starting tonight in Nashua!

Ovide Lamontagne Signature