CHQ - The GOP's Real Women Problem

The GOP's Real Women Problem
The Palination - Ah, the leftist media and liberals in Congress think the GOP has a "women problem."  We think, however, the true women problem the GOP has is best explained by The Palination:  "Women like Governor Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann, as well as Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, have more cajones than most of the males in the Republican party. They are the only ones standing firmly for the fiscally conservative, even somewhat libertarian, principles . . ."  [Find this Story at News From the Front]

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Even Some on Left 'Get It' About Power of Grassroots - While the GOP Establishment appears to be totally clueless about what's happening all around them, this left-winger notes: "It is not surprising that both major parties are facing either backlashes or major groups within their constituencies who are raging and leaning towards operating as independents, or even towards starting third parties. Already, there's a 'Tea' party being discussed and there are more people who identify themselves as independents than as either Democrats or Republicans. The fact is, the web and the media have changed the basic rules."

South Carolina Republicans Censure Sen. Lindsey Graham for Big Government Positions and Votes
FITS News - In another blow for Big Government Republicans in office, Republicans from Charleston, SC crafted a resolution censuring Lindsey Graham, saying the Senator "continues to weaken the Republican brand and tarnish the ideals of freedom, rule of law, and fiscal conservatism."  The resolution takes issue with Graham's track record of Big Government votes and his persistent collusion with Democrats in order to pass legislation that undermines limited government values. 

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