“Our Congressman and Woman Failed Us, Let’s Hope For More from Our Senators”

Manchester, NH – Reacting to the budget busting, 2000 page health care boondoggle that passed the United State House of Representatives on Saturday night, Frank Guinta today called for accountability and a “no” vote from the US Senate.

 “This massive piece of legislation was rushed through The House providing no opportunity for a full debate or discussion by the public.  Somewhere in this process, Carol Shea-Porter forgot she represents the best interest of the people of New Hampshire, not Nancy Pelosi,” Guinta said. 

This legislation was pushed so fast, it apparently even caught Congresswoman Shea-Porter by surprise as she had been scheduled to speak about the bill at a Saturday event in Concord on it.  “Our Congresswoman apparently thought she would have time to speak to the constituents. Rather than tell Nancy Pelosi that she would not vote on the bill until she had that opportunity, she just stayed in Washington, skipped her time with her constituents and simply voted as she was clearly told to. This is a disgrace.”

Frank Guinta is asking for more from our elected leaders in the Senate, “I am asking my Senators to show more responsibility and respect to us than our Representatives did.  Speak to us, discuss it with us, and then vote with us, not with partisan interests. Judd Gregg has a long history of thoughtfully analyzing each piece of legislation before he casts a vote. I anticipate the same process from him here and would ask Jeanne Shaheen to do the same. 

 “Jeanne Shaheen spent six years as Governor of this great state and knows the drastic financial ramifications to New Hampshire if this bill goes through—for individuals, for businesses and for our state budget due to the massive cost shift of Medicaid money.”

“In addition to the negative impacts of what is in the bill, it is missing important components of effective health care reform.  We need medical malpractice reform to remove defense attorneys from the patients’ exam rooms, we need the right to purchase across state lines to increase competition and reduce costs.  Small businesses should have the right to pool and purchase insurance. Individuals should receive the same tax deduction as large businesses and we can reduce costs and streamline efforts by using technical advances such as electronic medical records.  In the Senate these are the vital pieces that should be added.”

Frank Guinta, yesterday, spoke at a press conference hosted by State Senator and former Congressman Jeb Bradley and Former Health and Human Services Commissioner and 2006 Congressional candidate John Stephen about the disastrous effects of an increased billion dollar hit to New Hampshire budget over the next decade.