NetRight Daily: Cap and Trade, Term Limits and More

If Cap and Trade Doesn't Work, Obama Will Make it Work:  All the talk in Washington is surrounding a government health insurance plan, but there's a little discussed insurance plan in the Boxer-Kerry cap and trade bill that's worth some attention. The Senate version of the cap and trade bill includes a section that grants the President the authority to "direct relevant federal agencies" to impose additional greenhouse gas regulations.

Veterans' Day:  When President Woodrow Wilson first declared in 1919 that November 11th would henceforth be recognized as "Armistice Day"— renamed "Veterans' Day" in 1954—who could have imagined the historic role the armed forces of this emerging, young nation would come to play in the 20th century and beyond?

Term Limits Is Not a Fool's Errand:  Somewhere in the liberal print and broadcast media today very important people are using the words "DeMint" and "Coburn" in the same sentence with words like "fools," "doomed," or 'hopeless." And, as usual, these very important people are wrong.

What Happened in NY 23?:  Most outside political observers think that the fix was in for the NY 23 Dems on the Saturday before the election when Dede dropped and threw her support to Bill Owens. Turns out, that's just not so.

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