NetRight Daily: Fort Hood, Anita Dunn and More

Time to Jump to Some Conclusions:  Thirteen brave soldiers are dead today because the United States Army decided to put the tender sensibilities of radical Muslims above the personal safety of the American people.

Anita Dunn Changing Seats on Obama Bus:  White House communications director Anita Dunn will step down from her post at the end of the month and Dan Pfeiffer, her deputy, will take over, according to sources familiar with the move.

Valerie Jarrett's Health Care Travesty:  On November 2, 2009 White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett gave a video web-chat on "Health Reform and Underserved Communities."During the web-chat Ms. Jarrett claimed that "we are the richest country in the world," and the fact that there are millions in our country without health insurance is a "travesty."  We think she meant "tragedy," but we won't dwell on that.

VIDEO:  Rep. Steve King Discusses Valerie Jarrett.

As Deficit Soars, New Group launched earlier today. Check this site out as it is a great source for information on the National Debt.

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